Expect Better


If we are not having fun -- we are doing it wrong.


  • Gardening-- I love to rearrange my garden to create feelings and encourage introspection.
  • Bridge -- Just trying to keep my brain engaged! The more I play-- the less I realize I know!


Born and raised in Kansas City, I attended Bishop Miege High School and the University of Kansas. Although a lifelong and crazy Jayhawk fan, I married a MIZZOU guy, Chip Ingram. Best move of my life. Now I'm helping others move. After owning The Independent magazine for more than 2 decades, I am now a regular advertiser. Yes, I believe in the power of advertising. Targeted advertising. My three children are almost grown and out of the nest, so it was time for me to make a career change, and having always loved looking at houses, and asking tons of questions about them and the way people live, Real Estate was an easy choice. I knew I'd like it. I was unprepared for how much I'd LOVE it. When asked why I love it, my response is always, "I don't really sell houses, I advocate for people to make the RIGHT move at the right time." Creating an experience that satisfies the customer from beginning to end-- that's what I do best.


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